Public Works Commission

The Public Works Commission is an advisory board to the city council on issues that relate to the Public Works Department. The commission is made up of members from the public experienced in finance, education and small business. The commission advises the city council on policy, exceptions to policy, and makes budget recommendations.

A monthly meeting is held at 4:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at the Ancell Conference Room, 4th Floor, City Hall Bldg. #1.

Commission Meetings

2016 Meetings

2015 Meetings

2014 Meetings

Voting Members  
Dr. Don Reading Chairperson
Renee Quick Co-Chairperson
Conner Skibeness Student Member
Larry Crowley Member
Julia Hilton Member
Judy Thorne Member
Jake Nink Member


Commission Liaisons  
TJ Thomson City Council Liaison
Doug Strickling Legal Dept. Liaison, Deputy City Atty.
Commission Secretary
Neal Oldemeyer Public Works Director