Public Works Enters Blogosphere – Better Late Than Never?

Ready or not, the staff at the City of Boise Public Works Department (our formal name) is ready to tackle the world of blogging. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “Is the world of sewers, trash and recycling collection, and geothermal heating really that interesting? I mean, really, as long as I flush and it goes away, isn’t that all that matters?”

The answer is YES – on both fronts!

The public perception of Public Works isn’t that sexy. My counterparts in Police, Fire and the Parks departments probably get contacted by the media more in a week than I do in a whole year. Frankly, most folks in Public Works don’t really mind the lack of interest. We are an unassuming group of hard working citizens. We are proud of the fact that what people really care about is when they flush it goes away. If no one says anything, than we did our job well.

Sure, we issue news releases. They are informative and explain the who, why, what, where and when. We have a myriad of programs. The list includes Curb It (trash and recycling), the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center (wastewater and water conservation education), geothermal, air quality, stormwater protection and a bevy of other sustainable efforts and programs.

When we talk about these programs we tell the “nuts and bolts.” News releases are supposed to be sharp, well written, and to the point. That makes it easy for the media. But they don’t always tell a story,  share an opinion, or a thought on the topic.

So, “TA-DA!”, this blog is our foray into storytelling. Our opportunity to go beyond the press release and, dare I say, have a little fun. Authored by myself and other members of the Public Works staff, this blog will share insight, opinion, and I’m sure plenty of facts. (The apple can only far so far from the tree.) We have a simple goal for our blog:

“An informative blog from Boise Public Works telling the stories of interesting events, programs, businesses, people, places and happenings in the community.”

In Public Works, we take great pride in the fact that our sewer system protects public health, our environmental programs ensure a more sustainable future, and our geothermal system provides energy savings to businesses in our community. We are going to share that pride with you. We are going to share links to good environmental information, share our stories, and give you a deeper glimpse into community events and programs. Also this year, we are going to share Boise’s infrastructure history (sewer, water, power) as part of the Sesquicentennial – or, as it’s much easier to say – the Boise 150 celebration.

So sit back and we hope you enjoy learning more about “What’s in the Works.”

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