Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Contact: Vince Trimboli
208-384-3927 |

Spring Cleanup Weeks begin April 1

With the arrival of spring, Boise residents are getting outside to clean up their lawns gardens, and garages. To help with "spring cleanup", residents have two weeks of unlimited curbside trash service from April 1 to April 12.

The program is simple. Set out extra trash on your regular trash day in 20-32 gallon containers at least three feet from recycle and trash carts. You can also put yard waste in PAPER leaf bags (this material will NOT be composted). Bundled tree branches less than four feet long and under 65 pounds can be set out next to leaf bags and overflow cans. Overflow stickers are not required during these two weeks. However, trash set out in plastic bags or in unapproved containers will NOT be collected.

Here are ways to practice the principals of reduce, reuse and recycle during Spring Cleanup:

  • Reduce the amount of wastes you create.
  • Reuse or donate materials that still have use or value. Check with local nonprofit groups that accept gently used items for pickup or drop off. Several local recycling centers take leftover construction or remodeling materials likewood, old toilets, sinks, doors and mirrors.
  • Recycle paper products, plastics, cardboard, newspapers, cans, magazines, and catalogs. If you have more recyclable materials than will fit into your cart, use a small cardboard box, label it RECYCLING, and set it next to your blue recycling cart.
  • Compost yard wastes and kitchen scraps in a backyard compost bin. Bins can be purchased from Republic Services.
  • Deliver Household Hazardous Wastes to a convenient, neighborhood collection site. Sites will collect acceptable items on a regular mobile site collection schedule.
  • Call Republic Services at (208) 345-1266 to schedule collection of large items like a sofa or refrigerator. This free service is available year-round.
  • Set out used motor oil in transparent, one-gallon jugs for collection (2 gallons per week) next to your trash cart.

If residents have questions, send an e-mail to or call 384-3901 to speak with a staff member in the Solid Waste program.