Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Recycle The Fall curbside leaf collection begins Nov. 4

With Autumn’s colors beginning to hit the ground nearly as fast as the Fall rain, Boise residents are beginning the annual raking ritual. The ‘Recycle the Fall’ curbside leaf collection program is right around the corner: November 4 to November 30




Curbside leaf collection in Boise: November 4 – November 30

  • Leaves and yard trimmings must be in large paper leaf bags
  • Bags of leaves should be left open
  • Set out on your regular trash day before 7 AM (collected between 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.)
  • Cluster bags at the curb or in the alley at least three-feet away from your trash cart
  • Yard trimmings include garden plants, small-diameter shrub trimmings and small amounts of grass are okay
  • Yard waste set out in regular plastic bags or boxes will not be collected.  Place bagged trash in the gray trash cart.
  • Yard waste in extra trash cans will need an overflow sticker, and will not be recycled
  • No branches or woody materials accepted in the paper leaf bags.  Branches should be bundled (maximum 60 lbs and 4-feet long) and need an overflow sticker on each bundle.

Boise residents received $10 coupons for compostable paper leaf bags at the beginning of the year.  The coupon can be found ON the 2013 Recycling Calendar. If residents have questions about the coupon, they can send an email to (include your name and address) or call 384-3901.

Other City Collection dates:

Ada County          11/4 – 11/15

Eagle                     11/4 – 11/30

Meridian               11/11 – 11/30

Garden City          11/18 – 11/22

Ada County Solid Waste Management Dept. is accepting leaves only for free at the Hidden Hollow Landfill for composting through December 7, 2013. Residents are also encouraged to reuse leaves at home by chopping them with a mower or shredder and adding them to your compost pile or directly to garden beds as mulch. Using shredded leaves as mulch adds nitrogen for the spring.

‘Recycle the Fall’ leaf coupons are accepted at most grocery and home improvement stores in Boise. Check with your favorite retailer(s) to see if they accept the coupon. More information is available at