Addressing and Mapping

The Boise Public Works Department's Addressing Division is responsible for assigning and managing addresses for all properties and facilities requiring addresses within the Boise City limits and Boise area of impact.The Boise Public Works Department currently has over 94,000 addresses within their addressing system on their official Address Map (computer based). Boise City manages addresses by three different techniques: addressing and street name ordinances, practical addressing guidelines, and established business practices.

Another responsibility of managing addresses is changing addresses when necessary. The Boise City Uniform Street Name and Address Number Ordinance, Chapter 9-06; requires Boise Public Works Department to change addresses to conform to regulations of the ordinance. In addition, the Addressing Division can also take requests from the general public to change or add additional addresses to his or her property.

Because proper addresses are necessary for emergency response, mail delivery, etc. the Addressing Division notifies and shares all addressing information with related agencies such as Boise Post Offices, 911 Dispatch and Ada County Services daily. Even though managing addresses is a tremendous task, the Boise Public Works Department knows that it plays an important part in ensuring public safety to our community.