Air Quality

Air Quality Camera

The Air Quality Program is located in the Environmental Division of the Boise Public Works Department in City Hall. The program actively coordinates with local, state and federal agencies to track air quality issues in the Treasure Valley.View Current Air Quality Conditions

Below are the air quality improvement initiatives the city of Boise has undertaken both internally and in the community.

  • Air Quality Camera
    This camera was installed in 2000 to provide a visual indication of our air quality. The image is updated every 15 minutes and saves the images for future analysis.

  • Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition - The Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition encourages alternative fuel use in the Treasure Valley. Clean Cities coalitions are comprised of local stakeholders who agree to do their part to reduce the use of petroleum. Stakeholders can include private businesses, state and federal agencies, utilities, military installations, universities, schools and not-for-profit organizations, as well as individuals.

  • - Be Idle Free Boise is a community effort to educate residents about how vehicle emissions contribute to our air quality and health problems.

  • Oversees air quality issues at city wastewater treatment plants

  • Participating in air quality committees and keeping abreast of local issues to provide information to the mayor and city council

  • Provides lessons to local schools on how air pollution is measured, health and other effects of air pollution, sources of pollution, how to reduce air pollution, acid rain, local issues, and atmospheric chemistry.