Geothermal Heating District

Geothermal Heating in Boise
Administered by the Boise Public Works Department, the largest direct use system in the United States supplies energy-efficient heat to over 65 businesses in the downtown core area. 

Currently, four independent heating districts operate geothermal systems within Boise. The Boise Public Works Department operates and collects fees for the system that serves the downtown core area. The State of Idaho operates the system that heats the Idaho State Capitol and several other buildings within the Capitol Mall area. The Veterans Administration (VA) provides service to the VA campus, and the Boise Warm Springs Water District provides service to the residential properties in the vicinity of Warm Springs Avenue.

Energy Savings
Whether you are looking to enhance the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating or your building or want to take advantage of a renewable energy source, consider connecting to the city of Boise geothermal system is a smart way to use a renewable resource. Contact the Boise Public Works Department for more information.

For information on residential usage in the Warm Springs Avenue area, contact the Boise Warm Springs Water District at 342-3162.