City Hall Plaza Renovation


The main plaza on the west side of Boise City Hall is undergoing an extensive renovation to repair structural issues. These structural issues include replacing a water-proof membrane underneath the plaza to prevent water leaking into city hall’s underground parking garage. As part of this repair work, a long-overdue upgrade of the entire plaza was approved by Mayor David Bieter and city council in support of the city’s larger effort to create more inviting public spaces and urban parks throughout downtown Boise.

Once completed the new city hall plaza will promote community gathering and easier daily use and it will feature:

  • An elevated event plaza and seating steps
  • A civic lawn
  • An interactive water feature
  • Integrated lighting and a grove of trees
  • A public art sculpture
  • 100% stormwater infiltration - achieved through the combination of permeable pavement and modular suspended pavement systems

Phase 2: (Main Street) - Main St. Entrance Closed
(Oct. – Jan.)

Main Street entrance and sidewalk construction work should be completed by early January. If weather cooperates, permeable pavers will be installed in street parking areas along Main Street by end of January. Otherwise, it is anticipated that work will be finished in March. Work to rebuild the corner in front of the Egyptian Theater is planned for late January, depending on weather conditions. Otherwise, work will begin in March.