Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Contact: Colin Hickman
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Boise residents can customize their trash, recycling and compost service this month

In anticipation of compost collection beginning this summer, Boise residents will have the opportunity to customize their collection services, view their estimated rate and easily adjust the size and number of compost, recycling, and trash carts. Through March 31, residents can learn more about options, make selections and order online at or by calling (208) 345-1266.

The default size for the new compost cart will be the same size as a customer’s current trash cart.  Customers who believe this size suits their needs and do not wish to make further account changes don’t need to take any action. They will be automatically enrolled into the compost service and will receive a compost cart this summer. 

During this month’s ordering period, residents can make the following changes:

  • Select a different size compost cart
  • Reduce the number of current trash carts
  • Change the size of trash and/or recycling carts
  • Receive additional compost and/or recycling carts
  • Opt-out of the compost program or receive a home composting waiver
  • Purchase a kitchen collection pail
  • Sign up for curbside glass service

Delivery of the new carts will begin in June. The new weekly service offers unlimited collection of grass, leaves, branches, yard materials, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells and more.

A recent study by Ada County determined that over 45% of material sent to the landfill by Boise households was compostable. The new compost service will reduce waste, extend landfill life, and give the City of Boise more control over long-term resource management costs.  he City of Boise spent just under $2.5 million in landfill disposal fees in 2016.

In addition to year-round curbside service, finished compost will be available at no additional cost to participating customers.  Finished compost will also be used on city-owned facilities such as golf courses and Parks, and a portion will be wholesaled with resulting revenue being used to offset costs.  The entire compost cycle will be completed locally. 

The majority of customers will see an increase of $3.40 in their monthly service charge starting this summer.  Residents who choose a different level of service, such as reducing trash cart size, having multiple carts or choosing to opt-out of the citywide program, would see a different monthly service charge.