Thursday, November 09, 2017

Contact: Mike Journee
208-972-8527 |

City of Boise Seeks Applicants for Public Works Commission

Boise residents interested in serving on the City of Boise’s Public Works Commission can now apply. The commission helps guide the policies and direction of the city’s Department of Public Works.

Public Works is a multi-faceted department with a wide range of responsibilities, including sustainability, engineering, water renewal operations, environmental planning services, facilities management and utilities administration. Commission members provide guidance and feedback across the entire breadth of these duties, including helping to prioritize and oversee services provided though four fee-for-service enterprise funds:

  • Water renewal services fund: Water renewal facilities, collection system, and biosolids application site
  • Solid waste fund (aka CurbIt): Trash collection, recycling, composting, and household hazardous waste programs
  • Geothermal fund:  Geothermal heating
  • Municipal irrigation district fund: Pressurized irrigation services

Commission members, appointed by Mayor David Bieter and affirmed by the Boise City Council, will also provide input on Public Works services provided via the city’s general fund including environmental sustainability planning and initiatives; public streetlights; stormwater drainage; hillside protection; flood plain review; and municipal facilities program management.

With seven members, plus one student member, the commission will represent, as much as possible, the diverse spectrum of users who enjoy all that Boise has to offer. Geographic diversity, as well as expertise and experience in areas relevant to the committee’s purpose, will be considered in the appointment process. Residents with backgrounds or experience in the fields of finance, education and small business, and ability to advise on policy, exceptions to policy, and make budget recommendations, are encouraged to apply for appointment.

Meeting frequency:  Ability to meet monthly. Meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m.

Committee members must be residents of the City of Boise and will serve four-year staggered terms. One student member, who must also be a resident of the City of Boise, will serve a one-year term.

For more information, contact Tracy Hall Johnson at (208) 972-8531 or Cover letter and resume can be emailed or sent to the Office of the Mayor; P.O. Box 500; Boise, Idaho 83701-500. The deadline for applying is December 1 at 5 p.m.