Made up of five divisions, the Public Works Department provides a variety of services to the residents of Boise. Developing and offering efficient and cost effective services in partnership with our citizens will help us continue to achieve our vision of making Boise a great place to live!


The Administrative Division handles purchasing, sewer rating, utility billing and communications for the Public Works Department. Purchasing ensures compliance with City, State and Federal laws and codes when it come procuring goods, services and construction contracts for Public Works.  Sewer connections fees and extensions for developments within the city of Boise are the responsibility of Sewer Rating, Utility Billing Services handles billing for the City's sewer, trash and geothermal customers. The Communications personnel develop outreach activities within the community and are a point of contact for media and community members.


With a staff of more than 35, the Engineering Division is one of the largest divisions within Boise Public Works Department. From the city's unique geothermal heating system to the network of sewer systems beneath our streets, these professionals conceive of and support many of the city's vast infrastructure issues.


The Environmental Division offers a wide variety of services to the community from air quality, to overseeing the City's recycling efforts and water quality. The division provides outreach education in these areas and provides monitoring and support services in these areas.

Government Buildings

Government Buildings maintains and operates the facilities at the City Hall complex, while also supporting other facilities such as the fire stations, the Senior Center, Boise Art Museum, and the Library. The staff also supports internal departments through conference room setups, area reconfigurations, remodels, and relocations.


Operations is the largest division in Boise Public Works Department. This division is fully supported by user fees. Operations tests and monitors two wastewater treatment plants to comply with federal, state and local environmental regulations. This division also treats sewage pumped from area septic tanks, Garden City, and three other sewer districts. Operations also maintains all the City's sewer lines and handles the "biosolids" which is a product of the sewage and cleaning process. The biosolids are re-used at the City's "Twenty-Mile South Biosolids Application Site".