Be Idle Free Boise

BeIdleFreeSignBoise City Mayor David Beiter, along with local business and organization leaders, kicked off the new program in the summer of  2011. Designed to be a partnership between businesses, community members, and organizations, Be Idle Free Boise is a community effort to educate residents about how vehicle emissions contribute to our air quality and health problems.

While we “Treasure our Valley’s Air”, we may not realize that we are negatively impacting our air quality just by idling our vehicles? That doesn’t mean you should turn off your engine if you are stopped in traffic or if you are defrosting a windshield in very cold weather.

Unneccessary idling occurs while:
  • waiting at a bank or fast food drive-thru.
  • picking up children from school, or
  • waiting in a loading zone.

Contrary to popular belief, idling for more than ten seconds uses more fuel than restarting the engine. Plus, frequent restarting of a vehicle has little impact on the engine, battery and the starter motor. So, if you care about our air, turn your key and Be Idle Free Boise!

Window cling stickers and bumber stickers with the "Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free" logo are available. Contact 208-608-7142.