Drainage Control/Stormwater

Boise's Stormwater Program

Since 1997, The Boise Public Works Department has administered the stormwater program. Among other MS4 permit requirements, such as developing a drainage control program, Boise City is required to provide stormwater education and outreach to residents within Boise city limits.

Boise City Jurisdiction

Responsibility for control of stormwater runoff within the city of Boise is distributed among several agencies. Street drainage and street drains are the responsibility of the Ada County Highway District (ACHD). Drainage from commercial areas is regulated by the city.

Boise City is responsible for operation and maintenance of drainage conveyance systems for stream flows from the four main gulches in the Boise Foothills: Cottonwood Creek, Hulls Gulch, Crane Creek, and Sand Creek.

stormwaterMany areas of the city use flood irrigation. In those cases, responsibility for drainage lies with one of several irrigation or drainage districts or local water users associations within the city limits.

On-site Detention Program

The Boise Public Works Department also reviews commercial development drainage plans to ensure that stormwater runoff from commercial sites is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. The Onsite Detention Program limits increases in stormwater volume going into the Boise River by eliminating most offsite discharges from new commercial construction. Additional information about stormwater requirements can be found at the Partners for Clean Water website.

Shallow Injection Wells

In the city of Boise, if you are turning in a building permit for seepage bed construction, an Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) shallow injection well inventory form is required.

Stormwater Education

Boise City is a member of  Partners for Clean Water. The organization's mission is to reduce pollutants in stormwater and create a conscious and responsible public that knows that clean water is good for the environment, business, and our community.