Geothermal Heating

GeothermalplaquesmSince 1983, the City of Boise has operated a geothermal district heating system.  In the course of a year, the system circulates more than 300 million gallons of water through approximately 20 miles of pipeline. Natural geothermal water hotter than 170 degrees is pumped from the ground in the Boise Foothills, distributed through the downtown area, recollected, and re-injected into the geothermal aquifer near Julia Davis Park.

In addition to heating downtown buildings, geothermal energy is heating the BSU campus and the Central Addition, Boise's first LIV District. Learn more about Boise's first LIV District at



  • Unparalled

    Central Addition Fact

Boise has the largest municipally operated direct use geothermal energy system in the entire U.S.

  • Local and Renewable

Sourced under our feet from heat that is continuously generated in the earth's core

  • Clean

Energy extracted without burning fossil fuels

  • Attractive

Economic driver for new businesses seeking innovative and renewable energy solutions

  • Versatile

Used for space heating, domestic water heating, pre-heating, sidewalk snow melt

  • Dependable

Energy is constantly being produced independant of other systems

  • Historic

Honors the historic value of geothermal in the area dating back to the 1890's.


To learn more about geothermal connection opportunties and incentives, contact Jon Gunnerson, Geothermal Program Coordinator.