Pressure Irrigation

In Boise, irrigation water is diverted from the Boise River and distributed by large irrigation canals and smaller irrigation laterals to local neighborhoods throughout the city. Subdivisions built in the last 10 years are eligible to hook up to the pressure irrigation system. The Boise Public Works Department has design standards for constructing pressure irrigation systems in new subdivisions.

Pressure irrigation water is not water from the drinking water system (operated by Suez Water or the Capitol Water Company). If your neighborhood has pressure irrigation, it has a second water system for irrigation which is completely separate from the drinking water system. Property owners connect to the pressure irrigation system and use it to irrigate their property.

Who operates your pressure irrigation system?

The city of Boise operates and issues utility bills for pressure irrigation systems in selected subdivisions: Linshire, Whidbey Place, Darian, Steamboat, Bradford-Graystone, Dundee, Chauser, and Ashbrook subdivisions. If you do not live in any of these these subdivisions, you will need to contact your irrigation district for assistance.

Irrigation Season

The Boise Project Board of Control is responsible for determining the irrigation season schedule. During normal water years, the city activates the pump station when the Boise Project Board of Control makes irrigation water available in the spring (generally around April 15). Please contact your irrigation district if you have any questions.