Sustainable Boise


LIV_Web_Button.pngSustainable Boise is a citywide initiative centered on strategies that create lasting environments, innovative enterprises, and vibrant communities. This initiative demonstrates the City's commitment to lead through policies and projects that ensure the sustainability of our community, economy and environment.

  • Create Lasting Environments  - Recognize, protect, and improve the health and sustainability of all our activities, our connection to one another, and our natural resources
    • Energy
      Boise City began implementing energy efficient projects and installing energy reduction measures over 10 years ago.
      • Replacing internal building lights with more energy efficient lighting
      • Installing LED street lights
      • Constructing new LEED-certified buildings
      • Expanding and enhancing the geothermal system
      • Developing a robust urban tree canopy
      • Set internal energy reduction goals for buildings
    • Air Quality
      The City either leads or participates with other organizations to help maintain the level of air quality expected by our citizens.
      • Supporting alternative transportation
      • Participating in the Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition, a community effort to reduce petroleum fuel use in vehicles
      • Implementing an Idling Reduction Campaign
      • Installing equipment upgrades in Public Works, Parks, and Airport
    • Water Resources
      Boise City has established programs, goals, and initiatives to support water protection and water conservation efforts
      • Operating two wastewater treatment facilities that give renewed life to nearly 30 million gallons of used water daily
      • Operating the first Class A Struvite Production Facility that uses phosphorus harvested from the wastewater treatment process to be sold as fertilizer.
      • Participating in the Lower Boise Watershed Council, a planning group that provides advice on water quality improvement plans
    • Materials Management
      The City has long standing programs that have provided economic stability, included maximum efficiency, and reduced environmental and human health impacts in our community.
      • Collecting 338,000 pounds of household hazardous waste
      • Increasing Commercial Recycling participation by 50%
  • Cultivate Innovative Enterprises - Work with individuals, nonprofits, and businesses to encourage creativity and collaboration that will promote economic prosperity and improve lives
    • Business Retention and Recruitment
      Boise City works closely with business entitities to ensure our City's departments meet business needs and timelines.

    • Promote Entrepreneurship
      We partner with numerous agencies such as CCDC, Jannus, the Small Business Development Center, Boise State University and others to provide support to community startups. Supported the launch of Trailhead to connect entreprenuers with resources and new technologies to create their own products.

    • Enhance Work Force/Human Capital
      The City supports education in our community by partnering with the Boise School District, institutions of higher learning, and private schools to provide educational opportunities that will develop a highly skilled and educated workforce.
  • Build Vibrant Communities - Engage citizens and organizations to spark new connections, inspire exploration, and strengthen Boise's rich community-minded spirit
    • Arts and Culture
      Boise's Department of Arts and History continues to offer free and low-cost professional development opportunities for artists and historians, grant funding opportunities for Boise individuals and organizations, and paid public art opportunities. The Boise Public Library maintains and grows library collections to reflect the creativity, imagination, and ambition of the community.

    • Housing
      The city invests local and federal funds for a comprehensive Housing Strategy to provide safe, affordable housing options for all citizens.

    • Transportation Choices
      The Boise Transportation Action Plan (TAP) is being developed to express the City’s vision, values, and principles for a modern, well-balanced transportation system that prioritizes citizen mobility and choice in transportation.

    • Safe, Healthy, Caring Communities
      Boise City strive to continue improving access to healthful food, supporting healthy physical environments through recreation and maintaining safe and livable neighborhoods with our Police and Fire departments.

    • Children and Youth
      Boise provides parks, environmental education, recreation, and library programming services to help children and youth develop their academic, social, and physical abilities.

    • Parks and Open Space
      Boise’s unique quality of life can, in large part, be attributed to the variety of outdoor recreation opportunities available to Boise families.